Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What If...

When trapped in a miserable situation with either no end in sight, or an ending so far away that the wait is discouraging, it can be all too tempting to fantasize and obsess over that "one thing" that would change everything. While this is obviously true for the transsexual, it is truly relatable to people from all walks of life. Everyone has that "one thing" that (in their fantasies would solve all of their problems. I.E. "If only I was prettier," or, "If only I had more money." While these things may appear to be the core problem, they would not in actuality provide a complete resolution. The pain one feels may have stemmed from a central problem, but ends up stemming out in all different directions and each miniature crisis is an emotional scar that must be dealt with by itself. It's vital to expand one's view past tunnel vision, and see the broad spectrum of emotions going on inside. When there are outer conflicts that cannot be immediately resolved, one must attempt to seek healing from the inside out. This can be initiated by talking to a professional or a trusted friend. The only obstacles in life that can truly hold a person back are the one's within themselves. Once those are dealt with, time will take care of the rest.

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