Monday, March 14, 2011

Hair and Wigs Galore!

A woman's hair is worth a thousand words. By looking at a woman's hair, you might get an impression of whashe is like. A jet black fringe may suggest a more wild or devious woman, while honey-golden curls might give off the impression of sweetness and innocence.

With this in mind, hair is one of the most important cues when it comes to passing.  A beautiful face may be overpowered by an unkempt mane, while an average profile can be enhanced with the right hairstyle.  It is absolutely vital (especially as a transwoman) to pick a look that suits your face. For example, If you have a high forehead or a prominent brow ridge (like me), bangs or side-swept hair to downplay the size is the way to go. I would actually recommend a hairstyle with bangs to any transwoman, as it makes the head appear smaller and is overall a very forgiving look. Tyra Banks is currently sporting a fringe on ANTM, so it is certainly a fashionable choice.

When it comes to wigs, you have to consider several things:
  • Why do you need the wig?
  • How long will you wear it for?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
Someone in my situation, that already has long enough hair to be cut and styled when the timing is appropriate, may opt for a cheaper, synthetic wig since it will only be in use for a short time. Someone with a receding hairline, or hair loss from illness, may want to look into spending more on a human hair wig that will last longer. There is really no right or wrong price to spend on a wig. If it suits your needs, an makes you feel confident, then it is worth every penny.

For those searching for a reputable online wig store. I recommend:

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