Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just to Clarify...

Those of you who read my blog saw me at a very low point last night. To clarify exactly what was wrong with me (minus the figurative language) is that:

  • My mother has a severe drinking problem
  • My best friend lives very far away and not being able to see her just gets to me sometimes
These two things caused what was essentially an emotional break down last night and I just dashed out the door past my unconscious mother and ran without thinking about it. Obviously I came back and I am fine, but I don't particularly recommend running through the city at night to anyone looking for coping mechanisms...

To be honest, I still feel depressed today. This is one of those days where I put a blanket over the mirror and go to sleep as soon as it gets dark, but I'll hold on and wait for the opportunity to find a resolution to my problems. To anyone dealing with extreme emotional distress, I recommend finding an outlet like poetry, art, or music, it certainly helps me.


  1. Okay, this answered my last comment. I'm sorry you're feeling depressed. Being trans is certainly a rollercoaster ride sometimes.

  2. Your writing is very relatable. It will bring you a lot of allies. I remember at 16 tearing apart a couch cushion by cushion and walking past my mother (who was drunk on the Word) to wander the night. I won't offer you any two cent advice but I will tell you that you're lucky you discovered your creative outlets. They'll save you from genetic traps.

    Congratulations on our blog and discovering transition so early. It wasn't available to me at 16 but if it had I'm sure it would have put me very far ahead indeed. So good job for being a step ahead